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Helmet combines safety and comfort

07 December 2021

DRAEGER HAS launched its new multi-purpose HPS® SafeGuard helmet, providing the highest levels of usability, safety, serviceability, and connectivity.

Tested to the highest international standards, the helmet delivers excellent levels of safety, with its integrated, high optical visor for face and eye protection. The additional multi-coating feature prevents it from fogging and scratching, while a gold coating layer provides the best possible protection against thermal radiation.

Weighing just 1.2kg, the HPS SafeGuard is one of the lightest multi-purpose helmets available. It is well insulated to protect its wearer during firefighting, and also ensures a balanced helmet climate at all times, even during long rescue incidents. The adjustable chin and neck strap and an adjusting wheel on the rear of the helmet make it suitable for a wide range of head sizes

Simplicity was a key focus of the design, which has seen the helmet created from a small number of components, with a convenient design that means additional parts and accessories can be easily attached.

In terms of visibility, The HPS BuddyLight on the back of the helmet ensures emergency responders can be immediately recognisable even in poor visibility.

The special design of the helmet shell leaves the wearer’s ears uncovered, which means that communication remains unrestricted during incidents. Ambient noises can still be heard as well. The helmet has an interface for various communication systems such as the Dräger HPS-COM. The Dräger HPS-COM communication unit provides reliable support for radio communication to enhance both the safety of firefighters as well as the efficiency of operations.

Liz Millward, Marketing Manager Emergency and Rescue Services at  Draeger Safety UK, says the HPS SafeGuard helmet has been designed to address the varied needs of fire services: “The HPS SafeGuard  has been created to provide fire services with a complete solution.

The helmet is designed to have particularly good weight distribution which ensures excellent wearing comfort even when the helmet is worn for a long time. In addition, the great weight distribution means that the helmet will sit securely regardless of the movement of the wearer, for example when crawling or fitting through tight spaces.

“As with everything we do, the health and safety of firefighters has been put at the forefront of the design, with excellent protection against heat, poor visibility and fogging, as well as a lightweight design for comfort and to reduce physical stress.”  

For more information, visit www.draeger.com