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02 July 2020

eTruck UK, available only from RTITB, is a completely unique forklift operator elearning tool using digital storytelling to increase training effectiveness while reducing training time.

eTruck UK is an award-winning digital storytelling tool for counterbalance operator theory training. Using innovative methods, it can increase training effectiveness while reducing training time, and the associated costs, by as much as 2 days per course. 

With eTruck UK, only available from RTITB, candidates learn by following a story that tackles real issues relating to safety.

Training with eTruck takes place completely online. Candidates can do their theory training anywhere, anytime, at their own pace before practical training. In the past forklift training for a novice operator could take up to 5 days. With eTruck, this can reduce training to just 3 days. As candidates are out of the business for a shorter time, costs and downtime are minimised. For maximum value, eTruck licenses last a lifetime.

Designed to create real behaviour change, eTruck looks at the reasons behind operator behaviour as well as the relevant theory. The elearning tool makes training engaging and memorable, so that learners retain information and are better prepared for the workplace.

eTruck has been developed to help Instructors, providing helpful insights on candidate progress, strengths, and weaknesses, while freeing up time for Instructors to focus on delivering practical training.