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With a team of experts dedicated to the common goal of keeping people safe, RTITB is the leading standards setting body for workplace transport training and the largest accrediting body and Driver CPC consortium in the UK. Over 5,500 instructors worldwide deliver RTITB training courses.

Established in 1965, RTITB is the body of choice for businesses committed to safety and efficiency, thanks to more than 50 years' experience in workplace transport compliance, vehicle/equipment training and HSE investigations.

With a professional team, which includes internationally qualified auditors, industry experts and learning development specialists, well over 1 million people have attended RTITB courses and every year, more than 100,000 delegates train to RTITB standards.

Improving standards.

RTITB sets industry leading training standards for materials handling equipment, goods vehicle driver licence acquisition training, driver assessment, Driver CPC Periodic Training, yardshunter training and banksman training. These are specifically designed to change behaviour and make measurable improvements to efficiency, risk, and safety.

In doing so, RTITB helps transport and logistics operations to reduce costs, but most importantly, to save lives. It is the only company able to provide absolute assurance for a full range of workplace transport training.

RTITB’s training standards are used extensively in the UK, Ireland, India and the Middle East, across a number of sectors: supply chain, freight forwarding, warehousing, road haulage distribution, oil and gas, food and drink manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, construction, cold chain, ports, and airports and public sector organisations such as councils and prisons.

Improving safety.

RTITB’s vision is to create a global family of committed partners using workplace transport safety standards that place efficiency, people, and maximum safety at their heart. Through these collaborative partnerships, RTITB is committed to helping organisations to succeed.

Its accreditation, auditing and assessment services are reliable and robust, while its ‘train-the-trainer’ solutions help make transport and logistics operations safer and more efficient by helping trainers perform to the highest standards.

Organisations and Instructors are supported every step of the way, with exceptional customer care from our dedicated team members and the up to date training materials and resources needed.

Innovating always.

RTITB constantly creates and innovates to meet the needs of the changing world, and the industries that rely on workplace transport. With a commitment to continuous improvement, especially when it comes to technology, RTITB undertakes ongoing development of systems and digital learning tools to raise standards and improve safety.

For instance, RTITB was the first to launch an app, MyRTITB TrainingFriend, to make MHE training administration and assessment more cost effective and time efficient, as well as 100% paper free. It is also the only provider of the eTruck UK digital storytelling platform which can be used for lift truck operator theory training. Not only can this save organisations time and money, but it uses proven training methods designed to have a greater impact on driver behaviour.

Visit www.rtitb.com for further information.




eTruck UK, available only from RTITB, is a completely unique forklift operator elearning tool using digital storytelling to increase training effectiveness while reducing training time.

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RTITB Accreditation (in-house)

Achieve RTITB Accreditation for your in-house MHE training team to control risk, damage and costs in your MHE operations and maintain legal and regulatory compliance.

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RTITB Lift Truck Instructor Course

Having correctly trained Lift Truck Instructors can help your business cut costs, improve efficiency, and boost safety. Let RTITB help you ‘train the trainer’.

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RTITB eLearning Refresher Courses

Developed to keep businesses up and running, RTITB online refresher courses for materials handling equipment ensure you can provide training with no compromise on standards.

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Counterbalance Lift Truck Trainer’s Guide and USB

RTITB’s high quality Counterbalance Trainer’s Guide gives Lift Truck Instructors all of the hard copy and digital resources needed for compliance with PUWER training requirements.

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Reach Truck Trainer’s Guide and USB

RTITB’s high quality Reach Truck Trainer’s Guide gives Instructors all of the hard copy and digital training resources needed for compliance with PUWER training requirements.

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Pallet Truck Trainer’s Guide and USB

RTITB’s Electric Pallet / Stacker Truck Trainer’s Guide gives Instructors all the hard copy and digital training resources needed for compliance with PUWER training requirements.

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MEWP Trainer’s Guide and USB

RTITB’s MEWP Trainer’s Guide gives Instructors all the hard copy and digital training resources needed for compliance with PUWER training requirements.

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RTITB HealthCheck for Workplace Transport Operations & Training

In as little as one day, the RTITB Workplace Transport Operations and Training HealthCheck can help you improve safety, compliance, and efficiency.

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My RTITB Training Friend App

Our MyRTITB TrainingFriend app helps you save time and money on MHE operator training administration and assessment, saving up to 5 hours per course.

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