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Dust Hazards in Construction

07 April 2020

Research shows that dust exposure is a significant health hazard to people working in the construction industry. This article explains why dust exposure is dangerous and explores the various options available for reducing it.

Why is dust harmful to your health?

Dust particles may sometimes be too small to see, but fine enough to breathe in. Once inhaled, it can become embedded deep in the lungs which can cause serious harm to health.

The damaging effects of dust can vary from skin irritation to lung cancer depending on the composition of the dust, and the type and degree of exposure.

Research shows that dust is a significant health hazard to people working in the construction industry as dust contains known carcinogens and silica. 

Samantha Wilding, B&CE’s health policy and public affairs lead, states, in The Construction Index editorialthat “81% of the 500,000 people who are exposed to silica dust at work, are employed in the construction industry.”

II’s estimated that in the USA, around 2.2 million workers are exposed, with 1.85 million of them in construction.

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