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JetBlack® Safety is the branded entity of Air Control Industries, which has a proven track record in air movement engineering that goes as far back as the 1960s.

The firm not only designs and supplies industrial fans but also added value products which include bespoke Air Knife Drying Systems as well as the JetBlack Safety range of Personnel Dedusting Booths.

Based in Axminster, Devon (UK), the company also has a sister company in Windsor, Maine (USA) which was established in 2008, to support increasing demand in North America.

JetBlack Safety is a world leader in safe personnel dust removal systems, supplying and supporting a global audience directly and through an extensive distributor network.

Its innovative walkthrough booth range uses high volume, low-pressure air, to automatically dislodge, remove and extract dust and debris from clothing and PPE, thus reducing cross-contamination and health risks associated with dust exposure.

Research shows that dust is a significant health hazard to people working in industries such as construction, mining, fibre moulding, forestry and many others, as dust can contain known carcinogens and silica.

A recent HSE report found that 12,000 lung disease deaths each year are thought to be linked to past exposures to dust at work.

JetBlack Safety has won significant orders in the UK, EU and US. Clients include Tarmac, Hanson, Lafarge, among many others.

To find out more about JetBlack Safety, contact the team on +44 (0)1297 529242, email uksales@jetblacksafety.com or visit jetblacksafety.com




Dust Hazards in Construction

Research shows that dust exposure is a significant health hazard to people working in the construction industry. This article explains why dust exposure is dangerous and explores the various options available for reducing it.

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Reducing Exposure to Lead Dust

Further to a recent article about the success of helping to remove and collect silica dust from employees’ work clothing, JetBlack Safety is committed to assisting companies in reducing their workers’ exposure to respirable metal/mineral dust, particularly lead.

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Meeting OSHA Standards for Dedusting and Clean-down Operations

The intended purpose of the JetBlack Safety Cleaning Station is to give companies a safer and effective alternative to compressed air for dedusting and clean down of their workwear and PPE equipment.

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Personnel, working environment and product benefit all gained from JetBlack Safety’s Cleaning Booth…

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