Safe dust removal

21 October 2015

Founded in 1870, Octavius Hunt develops smoke products and has widespread experience in working with a range of insecticides, fungicides, acaricides and other substances.

The smoke used is both non-tainting and leaves no residual odour which means there is little environmental impact and exposure times to operators is kept to a minimum.

The production of dust during the manufacturing process of smoke products is unavoidable, and managing its containment in and around their Bristol manufacturing facility is a vital process for the company.

The company has installed a personnel de-dusting unit to minimise dust being spread across the factory by installing an ACI Personnel Cleaning Booth.

"The Company had already undertaken considerable measures to reduce the spread of dusts” states Earl Coates, quality/health & safety manager for Octavius Hunt. "The minimal dusts present on disposable protective suits caused low level build-up of contaminated dusts within the disrobing areas. The disrobing activity was believed to be possibly creating exposure by inhalation of dust and/or by skin contact with contaminated surfaces within the hygiene areas. The use of ACIs de-dusting booth allowed us to reduce dusts transferred both to the hygiene and disrobing areas. Subsequent inspections of hygiene areas confirms considerable reduction in dust levels and a reduction in risk of worker exposure to chemicals.”

In summary, the ACI Personnel-Cleaning Booth is a self-contained, free-standing unit incorporating the company’s blower-powered, industrial-proven JetBlack personnel de-dusting system. This delivers a high volume of filtered air at low pressure, sufficient to remove dust and fibres effectively and safely, even when directed at exposed skin.

In operation, the integrated JetBlack is used by Booth occupants to dislodge all dust which is then drawn down away from personnel - avoiding re-coating of clothing - through a grille floor by a vacuum effect created by and external blower. The removed material can then either be gathered in a large collection drum or vented directly into an existing exhaust system. 

Due to the nature of the dust being removed at Octavius Hunt, an air fed mask point within the booth has also been fitted which further minimises the risk of exposure by inhalation.

The ACI Cleaning Booth is ideal for applications in many other industries including mining, quarrying, fibre moulding, construction sites, paper mills, textiles and many more.