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ISO 20560: a global standard to identify pipe contents

25 November 2020

A new, global ISO 20560 norm is now available to standardise the identification of hidden and often hazardous pipe contents in factories and facilities. Compliant pipe markers are already offered by Brady Corporation. Attend the webinar and get immediate answers to your questions related to the new norm!

Clear pipe identification for increased safety

In response to the growing international mobility of labour, the ISO 20560 norm aims to increase workplace safety and to reduce risks and training costs for international personnel on country-specific pipe marking standards. The new, international pipe marking norm uses globally accepted GHS/CLP icons on a highly visible yellow area to visually signal danger to employees, international contractors and first responders. The new standard also specifies pipe marker size based on pipe diameter to support visibility from a distance.

Reliable on any pipe in many environments

Brady Corporation already offers ISO 20560-compliant designs on industrial-grade pipe marker materials. They will stay attached and remain legible in tough conditions, resisting high and low temperatures, and exposure to a wide range of chemicals and fuels. Detailed technical data sheets are available. The pipe markers can be printed in a range of sizes to fit the smallest and largest pipe diameters. They can be applied to pipes using a self-adhesive layer, an adhesive strip, a magnetic layer or mountable options.

Hassle free

Reliable, ready-to-apply ISO 20560 compliant pipe markers can be delivered from Brady factories anywhere in the world. If you own a Brady safety printer, you can already design and print a compliant ISO 20560 pipe marker at your premises today, using only substance and pipe diameter as input.

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ISO20560 - The new international standard for pipe marking

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