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Twenty-five years in business

27 November 2018

In September 2018, AirBench celebrated 25 years in business. Since beginning operations as WorkPoint Environments, it has supplied in excess of 10,000 dust and fume extraction units to customers across the UK, EU, and worldwide.

The AirBench name change came into effect in February 2011 and since then the AirBench brand has been the 'go-to' name for downdraught dust and fume extraction.

A family business, AirBench has grown from its beginnings as a small contracting firm supplying dust extraction equipment from across a range of suppliers to focus on its own small range of products designed to solve specific problems for industry.

The initial AirBench range of downdraught benches has grown to include a much wider range including the UK’s most advanced downdraught bench, the AirBench RP. The company also manufactures a range of cross-draught systems (VertEx) and dust control booths; coolant mist filters (OMF); and air cleaning systems (MF).

AirBench said: "With some of our staff being with the company since the very early days, we can offer a continuity of customer service that is unrivalled in our industry; and our network of distributors outside the UK ensure AirBench products are available widely.

"As always, we continue to offer on-site demonstrations of our products across the UK including assessments of your dust or fume extraction issues."