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Wincanton's 'first class' loading solution delivered by Thorworld Industries

20 July 2020

UK logistics giant Wincanton has become among the latest organisations to benefit from the delivery of a Thorworld Industries Lightweight Platform for the loading and unloading of vehicles.

The customer focused warehousing and transport firm which manages more than 200 sites across the country, recently structured a facility relocation – transferring one of its operations to a new, ground level warehouse.

Site preparation for the new premises had to meet with Wincanton’s exacting operating standards and be complete within a tight logistical timescale of just six weeks.  To help keep to the schedule and deliver effective loading and unloading practice – whilst maintaining the safety and protection of both employees and goods - Wincanton’s warehouse team, headed by General Manager, Ian Broomhead, had to source a suitable, easily manoeuvrable solution at speed:

“We were looking for a lightweight platform that could be manufactured and delivered within just a few weeks,” Ian explained.

“Having experienced first class results from a previous Thorworld loading equipment installation at our Portbury Depot, I got back in touch to explain our latest requirements.  I was put in contact with James Corfield from Darmax UK Ltd, an agent for Thorworld Industries based in our region.”

Together, James and Ian discussed the advantages of employing a Thorworld Industries’ Lightweight Mobile Platform within the new premises.

The proposed platform solution – which included safety barriers and handrails as standard -could easily be positioned directly behind a vehicle’s container to provide a solid platform on which pallets could be placed. From here a pallet could be safely lifted to the ground using a forklift truck. 

The platform would feature a hinged barrier with a gas spring mechanism that could lock into place to enhance safety in both a raised and lowered position; whilst chain hooks and tensioning brackets would serve to connect the platform to the vehicle where possible. The addition of an anti-slip coating to the platform surface further ensured safe working conditions for the operators.

Available in standard sizes 2.4 x 2.5m and 2.4 x 3.6m, the platform would provide Wincanton with a height adjustable, 2,000kg working load area, with forklift truck pockets to help facilitate quick and safe vehicle positioning.

“James’ input was first class and the schedule he presented was well-timed,” Ian continued. “The platform scheme met all our loading requirements and would work exactly as we needed it to; facilitating the unloading of pallets and enabling side forklift access when needed for safe, even lifting.

“It presented an ideal solution, which suited our logistics, and the addition of the locking swivel castors gave even more flexibility to move the platform if a fork truck was not available.”

James Corfield has been pleased to learn that his consultation and site expertise have paid dividend to Wincanton’s warehouse relocation.

“Wincanton is a company that prides itself on the committed approach it takes to achieving continuous improvements throughout its operation, so it’s rewarding to be considered as a trusted supplier, capable of helping the organisation deliver on that goal.

“The platform has been successful and a further demonstration that Thorworld loading solutions can meet the exact needs of individual clients to deliver improved operational results.”

More information regarding the Thorworld Lightweight Mobile Platform is available by contacting Thorworld directly on 01246 260981 or visit www.thorworld.co.uk.