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The importance of UV protection

04 August 2021

IT'S NOT too late to think about whether your outdoor workers are protected from UV.

On average, the UV index in the UK will reach 4 in September1, which still presents a moderate risk; the NHS advises seeking shade, covering up with clothing and using a high factor sun protection cream2. Remember – each episode of sun burn can increase the risk of developing skin cancer3.

An effective, high quality product is really important – but finding product that your employees enjoy using is vital too. SC Johnson Professional have extensive experience in developing products that people like to use, maximising skin care compliance wherever they are provided. 

The products

Stokoderm Sun Protect 30 PURE is a factor 30 sun protection cream from SC Johnson Professional. Available in 100ml portable tubes or dispenser cartridges, the sun cream is ideal for either personal use or installation at key areas on site.

The cream is broad spectrum, protecting against both UVA and UVB rays as well as being perfume-free and water resistant. Stokoderm Sun Protect also provides additional protection against UVC rays, but does not replace PPE.

Ideal for busy industrial workers, the cream is quickly and easily absorbed into the skin and has a non-greasy after feel to encourage regular use and help limit the effect on dexterity with handheld tools. Stokoderm® Sun Protect is also suitable for any product sites where paint and surface coating processes are undertaken, as it is silicone-free.

Stokoderm Sun Protect 50 PURE boasts many of the same benefits as 30 PURE, but prolongs the skin’s natural protection time against the sun’s UVB rays by a factor of 50. A water-resistant formula, it has been extensively tested to prove retention of SPF50 protection even after 80 minutes in water.

Not only is 50 PURE silicone-free, but it is also compatible with rubber production processes. Independently tested at the German Institute of Rubber Technology (DIK), the cream was proven to have no negative effect on the vulcanisation process.

Additional resources

As well as provision of product, SC Johnson Professional advise support through in-depth training and resources. Well-placed product and resources on site can aid with compliance; the Deb Stoko Sun Safety Centre is the ideal choice for raising awareness when the UV index is high.

Pre-assembled with a 1 litre lockable dispenser and a mirror for easy application, the Safety Centre also includes a holder and cards to display the daily local UV index level, key facts and statistics on skin cancer as well as instructions of why, how and when outdoor workers need to protect themselves from the sun.

To learn more about SC Johnson Professional’s UV protective skin care, training and downloadable resources, head here.

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