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Skin care programme

08 May 2018

Deb, the hand hygiene and skin care specialists, has introduced the DebSafe skin care programme for industry, which focuses on improving standards of skin care to prevent and reduce the threat of OSDs and ultimately improve skin health in the workplace.

Combining the latest innovation and technology, the programme addresses the key issues that workers and businesses face day in, day out through the combination of three core elements: Essential Products, Vital Information and Training.

Essential Products are provided through Deb’s leading industrial skin care range which consists of specialist pre-work and after-work creams as well as hand cleansers and sanitisers to address all occupational needs and working environment.

Vital Information combines two unique DebSafe Services that allow information to be gathered on the condition of workers’ hands and skin care compliance specific to each department, site or organisation as a whole. This enables managers and supervisors to easily and clearly share results with workers, encouraging the desired standard of skin care behaviour.

The third element is Training – a comprehensive range of best practice education and training tools which result in a higher standard of skin care to support lasting behaviour change.

The DebSafe programme, which can be tailored to meet any organisation’s needs, follows the “3-Moments of Skin Care” guidance, a universal best practice standard for skin care, which is a breakthrough in the fight against Occupational Skin Disorders.

These three moments identify when skin care action is required, more importantly highlighting when skin protection or restorative creams should be applied by workers – Before starting work, after washing hands (during work) and after finishing work.

The “3-Moments of Skin Care” guideline is recommended by leading occupational dermatology experts and is the work of an expert panel of eight international dermatologists who have combined personal clinical experience with a comprehensive analysis of 75 published occupational skin care studies.
Paul Jakeway, Marketing Director at Deb, says: “OSDs are the second most common work-related health problem in Europe, with approximately 18,000 UK workers reporting skin problems, which they believed were caused by, or made worse by their work, yet workers just accept it as part of the job.

“Just as PPE use and compliance are embedded within industrial working culture and health and safety policy, an effective skin care routine should also be the norm. Yet just because protection and restorative creams are invisible once applied, this doesn’t mean that they are not needed in the same way as visible PPE equipment.

“Workers often suffer in silence and there is a lack of awareness surrounding OSDs, resulting in conditions often going unreported. OSDs not only pose a threat to health, safety and efficiency in the workplace, they also affect workers’ mental, physical and social wellbeing. The DebSafe™ programme is a preventative approach that helps reduce costs and increase efficiencies within the work environment. It allows us to work with and support industry professionals in tackling this issue and ensure best practice is followed at all times.”

The DebSafe programme aims to drive positive and sustainable behaviour change, increase skin care compliance, change workplace culture, and ultimately, ensure healthy skin remains a priority in the workplace. For more information about DebSafe, please visit www.debgroup.com/industrial.