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Protecting outdoor workers’ skin this winter

10 January 2019

During the winter months, dry and sore skin is an especially common problem for outdoor workers as they are exposed to cold environments for longer periods of time.

The seriousness of this issue cannot be ignored and if the risk is not properly managed, it can affect a worker’s effectiveness in the short term – and cause serious harm in the long term.

It is crucial that health and safety managers implement a good skin health routine to prevent OSDs and ensure outdoor workers are protected. 

The 3-Moments of Skin Care, the universal standard for skin care best practice, heralds a breakthrough in the fight against OSDs. 

The use of appropriate pre-work and after-work hand creams can have a significant impact on the prevention of OSDs. At each stage, it is important to provide the appropriate protection or treatment for the skin, relevant to the activity being done.

By following the 3-Moments of Skin Care, employers can ensure skin care is front of mind and protect workers this winter. 

For more information on the creams suitable for outdoor workers, visit: https://bit.ly/2Bjk9Lo