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White paper tackles dermatitis

21 September 2018

Every day, more than 1 in 10 workers suffer from dermatitis – sore and inflamed skin on the hands which can make routine manual tasks a challenge. 

Dermatitis is just one of a number of Occupational Skin Disorders (OSDs) which collectively pose a threat to health, safety and efficiency in the workplace, as well as to the mental, physical and social wellbeing of the individuals affected. 

Deb, the occupational hand hygiene and skin care specialists, is shining a light on the importance of the 3-Moments of Skin Care – a universal best practice standard for skin care. 

The recently launched whitepaper, ‘Preventing Occupational Skin Disorders: Skin Care Best Practice’, clearly re-affirms the 3-Moments of Skin Care as the industry standard for skin care and explains how businesses can adopt these three moments to improve skin behaviour compliance in the workplace.

The 3-Moments of Skin Care is the work of an expert panel of eight international dermatologists who have combined their wealth of experience and a comprehensive analysis of 75 published occupational skin care studies. 

These three moments identify when skin care action is required, more importantly highlighting when skin protection or restorative creams should be applied by workers – before starting work, after washing hands (during work) and after finishing work. 

Download the whitepaper here: www.debgroup.com/uk/industrial/whitepaper