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Take your safety to new heights

17 September 2018

Safety company Arco is encouraging its customers to embrace technological advancements into their businesses by launching a range of drones that could be used to carry out otherwise hazardous tasks, safely and cost-effectively.

The use of drones within a commercial environment is increasing and is likely to significantly change the working practices of many businesses. According to a recent report, the use of drone technology could drive cost savings of £16bn each year with an estimated 628,000 people working in the future drone economy,  including building and programming these new devices.  

There are a number of dangerous tasks where the benefits of using drones are already becoming apparent, for example building inspections and site surveys, offshore oil rig inspections, wind turbine inspections, and agriculture.

To fly a drone commercially a pilot is required to complete drone training and then apply for a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO), from the Commercial Aviation Authority (CAA). It is essential those flying the high-tech equipment understand the rules and regulations they must adhere to. 

To ensure drones have a positive impact in the workplace and are used safely and in accordance with the regulations, customers can purchase Arco’s drone products with training to enable pilots to comply with safety standards. The training courses are provided by an accredited training facility and are available to purchase with or without the drone.