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Three new categories

19 September 2017

Safety company Arco has launched its 2017-18 Big Book catalogue offering a wide choice in personal protective equipment (PPE) and workwear.

As well as the new products, the Big Book also features three new categories: First Aid, Storage and Materials Handling, and Maintenance and Facility supplies. 

This year the catalogue showcases over 600 new products, including the latest in product development both from Arco own brands, such as Trojan, and specialist leading name brands including 3M, Procter and Gamble and Dr. Martens. 

Customers looking at ways to improve safety for their staff will be able view one of the largest ranges of safety equipment, clothing and footwear available. With new products to refresh the weatherwear range including jackets and fleeces from brands such as The North Face, Berghaus and Regatta, customers will be able to ensure their workforce are winter ready. 

Arco’s workwear range also features in this year’s book, introducing nine new styles of work trousers from brands including Trojan, Snickers and Mascot. Additionally, new footwear products and styles are presented across many leading names including Timberland, Mascot and Dr. Martens. 

A whole host of personal protective equipment will be showcased including Alpha Solway’s new AlphaFlow Moulded Respirator, which has been designed to improve comfort and performance while maintaining a secure fit. Riley Eyewear, one of Arco’s newest brands, offers a range of safety eyewear offering comfort, protection and style.  

What’s more, a full range of quality chemicals from Procter and Gamble Professional, and Diversey’s new safe, sustainable Snap n Dose Pro series will be available in the latest Arco catalogue. Quality floor pads and a helpful selection guide from 3M and a new range of microfibre mopping systems from Chicopee are also available. 

To get your copy of the new Arco Big Book go online www.arco.co.uk/catrequest