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Stretch trousers take comfort to the next level

20 April 2021

PRACTICAL CROSSOVER functionality and maximum comfort is the goal with Fristads’ new lightweight workwear trousers, making them a great fit. These are the first trousers made of 100% stretch fabric to join Fristads’ innovative Fusion collection.

“The demand for comfortable workwear is increasing across several industries,” says Lena Bay, product director at Fristads. “We’ve already introduced garments made of 4-way stretch materials to our craftsman range, so adding them to our Fusion collection was a given next step.”

The new stretch trousers are made of a lightweight fabric that stretches in all four directions and are reinforced with ripstop stretch in exposed areas to increase durability. With features like knee pockets, reflective details and other practical functions, the trousers are a versatile all-round garment that can be used both by craftsmen and workers in the service and industry sectors.

The new trousers join Fristads’ popular Fusion range, a crossover collection of garments that comes with many colour options and plenty of space for profiling with company logos. While some of the existing Fusion trousers have stretch panels, these are the first to be made of 100% stretch fabric.

“More and more of our users wear stretch garments in their free time, and we want to offer that opportunity at work as well,” says Anastasios Lappas, Head of Design and Innovation at Fristads. “Stretch garments are more lightweight and flexible, and generally have a better fit.”

For more information, visit www.fristads.com