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Eco-transparent workwear wins red dot award

08 October 2019

Workwear producer Fristads has been awarded the internationally acclaimed Red Dot Award: Design Concept for its Fristads Green clothing collection, which comes with an environmental declaration.

Fristads Green is the world’s first clothing line with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which discloses the environmental impact of the garments over their entire life-cycle.

The award is fantastic acknowledgement of our work on creatingsustainable clothes. We hope that the Environmental Product Declaration we have produced will be used by the entire clothing industry to reduce the environmental impact of clothes, says AndersHülse, CEO of Fristads.

The Red Dot Award: Design Concept is an internationally recognized quality stamp for products with high design quality. Fristads Green has been selected as one of the winners, together with around six percent of a total of roughly 4,000 nominations. Companies, universities and other actors participate in the design competition with everyday products from many different areas.

The garments in the Fristads Green line have been designed by Fristad’s chief designer Anastasios Lappas and manufactured in a way that minimizes the use of materials, energy and transportation. In order to create the collection, Fristads first had to set the standard for the world’s first Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for clothing, in collaboration with Swedish research institute RISE.

- To reduce environmental impact, you first have to be able to measure it. Now there is a tool for the entire industry, for fashion as well as workwear, with the aim of increasing transparency among consumers, says Lisa Rosengren, Head of R&D Raw Material at Fristads.

In addition to receiving the Red Dot mark, the Fristads Green line will also be on display at the Red Dot Design Museum in Singapore in the coming year, and after that at a walking exhibition in China.


Fristads is the leading workwear brand in Europe and is part of Fristads Kansas Group. Fristads Kansas Group operates in workwear and promowear in Europe, is active in 24 countries and hasoffices in 18. Six development centres ensure that Fristads Kansas Group maintains and extends its lead in the market. 1,600 employees in Fristads Kansas Group contribute to yearly sales of around EUR 400 million.

Facts: Red Dot Award

• The Red Dot Award is an international award for good design, awarded annually by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen since 1955.

• Winners are awarded in three categories: product design,communication design and design concept.

• Companies, researchers and designers can submit contributions to thecompetition. Usually around 4,000 contributions are received.

• A jury of experts selects winners at four levels: Luminary, Best of the Best, Winner and Honourable Mention, with Luminary being the finestaward.

• Notable winners in the Design Concept category for 2018 include Daimler, Michelin and Google.

• Red Dot Design Museums are located in Essen, Germany, in Singapore,and in Xiamen, China.

Facts: This is Fristads Green

The items in Fristads Green are manufactured with an advanced foldingtechnique, which minimizes the number of pieces and seams. Thisprocess streamlines material usage, while fewer details and seamsmean that less energy is needed in the production process.

The collection is made from undyed cotton and recycled polyester which has been dry dyed using the e.dye dyeing system. This reduces water usage by up to 75 percent. All items are OEKO-TEX® certified. Buttons are made of untreated metal to further reduce water usage. The main part of the zippers as well as details and ribbons are made from recycled polyester.

Scrap material from all Fristads Green products are repurposed forelbow and knee protection where these are featured in the clothes.

For more information about EPD and Fristads Green, please visit: