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Safe Supply Accreditation

06 December 2021

BSIF and our members are determined to transform the quality and capability of the PPE and Safety Equipment market in the UK.

WE ALL know that the Registered Safety Supplier Scheme provides an assurance to those choosing suppliers, allowing purchasers to engage with partners who are audited, have their products tested and certified properly and can demonstrate that they fulfil their statutory obligations and responsibilities. Sometimes overlooked is the additional strength of a Registered Safety Supplier, which is that they ensure that their customer facing staff know all that they should know about the market, in which they operate. 

Safe Supply Accreditation allows personal capability to be evidenced with individuals taking learning from four key modules covering the Legal Framework of Safety, the Management of Safety in the Workplace, Product Standards and Compliance to Regulation and, the operation of Market Surveillance in the UK. 

The pandemic caused major disruption in the taking of the final exams for accreditation but with collective exam sessions organised across the country we have caught up dramatically on the backlog. There are now hundreds of individuals qualified through the scheme. 

The PPE and Safety market deserves quality and capability and the scheme exists to educate all in this critical market. The changes brought about by leaving the EU demands that the content of the course is updated to reflect the UK’s new product safety conformity assessment processes, and that work is underway right now.

Education is key and the Safe Supply Accreditation provides that. The next step in Safe Supply is to create learning aimed at end users in order that they can better understand this market.