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BSIF issues statement on Brexit

27 June 2016

Alan Murray, CEO of the BSIF, has issued a statement, sharing his thoughts on the UK's exit from the EU:

During the referendum campaign the UK electorate was clamouring for “facts” when there were none. Now that the referendum result has been determined there seems to be an insatiable appetite for comment on what will happen going forward. The BSIF cannot, of course, second guess the impacts or consequences of any potential changes created by the decision to leave the EU.

In the coming weeks we will doubtless have many rumours and misinformation to deal with and the BSIF will be seeking early guidance from UKTI / BIS on their position. The Personal Protective Equipment market in the UK has been based on EU directives for a generation and after years of discussion the new Regulation (EU) 2016/425 came “into force” in April this year and we can only at this stage assume that the market will continue to recognise it. The Federation will work diligently with legislators to be on the inside of any discussions, and we will ensure that members of the BSIF are kept up to date with all pertinent developments.

What we do know is that the UK has led the world in Occupational Safety and Health and the Federation remains dedicated to making sure that Safety and Health is properly recognised in this country as a force for good. Irrespective of the momentous changes we now face in our political landscape, the Federation will continue to ensure safety and health is acknowledged as an important sphere in Government policy and it is regarded as synonymous with good business practice. Within this, the BSIF’s Registered Safety Supplier Scheme will further strengthen Occupational Safety by ensuring that the market is supplied with quality personal protective equipment provided through a capable supply chain.