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Shape the future

28 May 2024

Employers, duty holders, and safety professionals have the opportunity to shape the future of the UK safety industry with the BSIF ‘Pilot Scheme’.

THE BRITISH Safety Industry Federation (BSIF), the membership organisation for PPE and safety equipment manufacturers, distributors, and specialist service providers, is excited to be launching a groundbreaking initiative. We are inviting employers, duty holders, and safety professionals to join our exclusive Membership Pilot Project. The 'Pilot' will launch on 27 June 2024 with a meeting co-located with HSM Live at the Coventry Building Society Arena.

The inaugural meeting for pilot participants during the HSM Live Conference will feature an agenda outlining: 

  • BSIF activities
  • The Registered Safety Supplier Scheme and PPE issues
  • PPE standards regime UKCA/UKNI and CE
  • An overview of the BSIF Special Interest Groups their work and related issues
    - RPE and Face Fitting Group
    - Eye, Face, Head and Hearing Group
    - Protective Glove and Clothing Group
    - Safety Footwear
    - Height Safety Group
    - Measurement and Instrumentation Group
    - Electrical Hazard Group
  • Plans for future engagement with Employers, duty holders, and safety professionals

While the ‘Pilot Scheme’ launch meeting is a specific event happening during the conference, registered conference attendees are most welcome to join the meeting as a taster for what we are trying, collectively, to do!

Why participate in the BSIF Pilot?

By joining this innovative pilot scheme, participants will gain access to a range of invaluable benefits designed to enhance safety standards and practices across the UK. You should also know that as this is a ‘pilot’ scheme BSIF will not be seeking any membership fees. Members of the ‘Pilot Scheme’ will have access to a wide range of valuable assets:

  • Manned, independent PPE helpline: Receive expert advice and support for all your PPE-related queries.
  • Guidance on standards & PPE regulations: Stay informed with the latest regulations and compliance requirements.
  • BSIF Bulletins for industry updates: Keep up-to-date with the latest news and developments within the industry.
  • Exclusive white papers: Access in-depth information and insights on critical safety topics.
  • Regional PPE/safety equipment development workshops & forums: Participate in local events to discuss and develop safety solutions.
  • Opportunities to shape industry campaigns and standards: Play a direct role in influencing industry practices and policies.
  • Discounts on BSIF training courses: Enhance your knowledge with courses such as “Sourcing Safety” at reduced rates.
  • Networking events with industry peers: Build valuable connections within the safety community.
  • Nomination for BSI Committees: Contribute to national safety standards by representing your sector.

Be a pioneer in safety

Joining the BSIF Membership Pilot Scheme offers a unique opportunity to pioneer advancements in workplace safety. By collaborating with industry stakeholders, suppliers and buyers, we will help shape a safer future for the UK workforce.

We look forward to seeing you at HSM Live and should you wish to join the ‘Pilot’ formally ahead of the event, then please just express your interest in the by contacting us at enquiries@bsif.co.uk or calling 01442 248744.

For more information, visit www.bsif.co.uk