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Real-time Asbestos Monitoring

05 September 2022

NEW FROM Shawcity, the ALERT PRO 1000 is said to be the world's first early warning device for airborne asbestos fibres.

One of the biggest advancements in the field of asbestos monitoring in decades, it continuously assesses the airborne environment providing a real-time alarm if asbestos containing materials are disturbed and their toxic fibres released into the air. This vital early warning enables an immediate and proactive safety response helping to prevent the risk of prolonged exposure.

Lightweight, portable and easy to use, ALERT PRO 1000 is the only known device capable of distinguishing asbestos fibres from other non-asbestos fibres in the air in real-time, using patented light scattering technology, the paramagnetic properties of asbestos fibres and a complex algorithmic statistical analysis that works to a 99% confidence level.

ALERT PRO 1000 is ideal for use in Asbestos Removal, Construction & Demolition, Maintenance & Renovation, Facilities Management, Waste Management, Occupational Hygiene, Emergency Services, Defence & Disaster Recovery, Tunnelling & Mining, Marine & Shipbuilding and Nuclear Decommissioning.

Available to hire or buy from Shawcity as an Alert Technology preferred partner, the ALERT PRO 1000’s features include: User configurable settings, LED and audible alarm, LCD screen, 8GB onboard memory, historical data, easy data download via USB and a reporting platform.