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Noise dosimeter with lifetime guarantee

17 September 2018

Shawcity has introduced the latest in personal noise dosimeters, designed to be easy-to-use and with a MEMs microphone which is so robust Svantek offer a unique lifetime warranty for it.

The SV 104A is a new version of the SV 104 personal noise dosimeter, which is said to be the first on the market with a MEMS microphone resistant to accidental shocks, knocks or even fall-downs. Thanks to its Bluetooth interface, live results can be viewed on a smartphone or tablet using Svantek’s ‘Assistant’ app. The app will also alarm when set noise limits are exceeded.

Audio event recording and options for 1/1 and 1/3 octave allow the selection of hearing protectors and noise source recognition, while a single large measurement range of 53 dB to 140 dB enables monitoring in all kinds of working environments. 

The auto-calibration feature saves calibration data together with the measurement file, while vibrations that affect noise measurement results are detected by an inbuilt tri-axial vibration accelerometer and marked in the results time history so they can be easily excluded from dose calculation. 

The user interface is very simple and the user may choose from multiple settings that can easily be configured through the included "Supervisor" software. All measurement data is stored in the integral 8 GB memory.