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Partnership offers BSI employees menopause support

25 January 2024

A NEW partnership builds on BSI’s commitment to supporting employees and organisations with menopause resources.

Maven Clinic, the world's largest virtual clinic for women and families, and BSI, the business improvement and standards company, have announced a partnership to provide BSI’s employees worldwide with access to industry-leading menopause support through Maven’s Menopause and Ongoing Care program.

Through Maven, BSI employees have 24/7 unlimited access to dedicated Care Advocates and menopause specialists—including OBGYNs, nutritionists, mental health providers, pelvic floor physical therapists, and career coaches—as well as clinically sound education and provider-moderated drop-in groups to support members throughout their journey. Virtual care with specialists across 35+ languages is available to members on-demand through video or message chat.

The partnership underscores BSI’s leadership and commitment to supporting employees as they navigate menopause. It follows the publication in May of a first-of-its-kind workplace standard menopause, menstrual health and menstruation in the workplace (BS 30416), available globally for free, which sets out straightforward changes designed to create a more inclusive and productive environment.

BSI recently drew attention to the trend by which women globally are leaving the workforce early for reasons other than personal choice. Lifting the second glass ceiling found that a fifth of women globally expect to retire before the official retirement age, while more than one in four (27%) have already retired, left the workforce or significantly reduced their hours. The report, which looked into experiences in the US, UK, China, Japan and Australia, found that a fifth mentioned menopause-related health issues as a barrier to remaining in work and 72% want organisations to support women experiencing symptoms. 

“BSI has paved the way for what good menopause care should look like at work,” said Leila Thabet, VP of global growth & partnerships at Maven. “It’s a privilege to partner with an organisation that is a true champion of equity in the workplace, including their own.” 

Global menopause productivity losses are estimated to top $150 billion a year. Designing a workplace that supports employees through this critical phase of life offers an opportunity to boost productivity, reduce talent attrition and foster a more inclusive work environment.

“As we think about helping women take charge of midlife health and thrive in their careers, we know that providing access to comprehensive menopause support is mission critical,” said Anne Hayes, Director of Sectors, BSI. “Our second glass ceiling report has shown us that employers have a role in offering support through the menopause journey, with 72% of women wanting employers to take action to retain older women in the workforce by providing support through menopause. This is not only an issue for experienced women but has an impact on organisations and society, as organisations lose out on productive people and mentors to guide younger colleagues.

“Employers have the potential to be a key resource and vital avenue of support, while helping to advance society’s journey in tackling how menopause is approached. At BSI we are thrilled to partner with Maven to build on our existing offering and give our employees globally access to quality care to continue our journey in building a more diverse and equitable working future.”

Maven’s Menopause and Ongoing Care program is now offered as a free benefit to BSI employees and their partners across 37 countries, including India, China, the United Kingdom, and Indonesia. Maven covers 3.5 million lives across more than 350 employers through its menopause program alone.