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Noise software that's simple to use

18 January 2021

NOISETOOLS IS a licence-free software package for use with Cirrus Research noise measurement equipment, which provides a quick and simple way to download, analyse, and report on noise measurement information that has been recorded.

For many people, the most challenging part of completing a noise survey is the reporting and analysis of the results, so having a simple way to view the information is essential. The software offers a number of useful features, including the ability to select hearing protection using octave band measurement data and its built-in database, producing measurement reports for any available data with print and export functions, connection to Optimus Cloud and Quantum for remote data access, and the option for users to configure and transfer settings between instruments.

The standard version of NoiseTools is supplied with Cirrus Research noise measurement equipment, such as the Optimus+ range of sound level meters, the Trojan range of noise nuisance recorders and the industry-leading doseBadge noise dosimeters. 

Save time and money with NoiseTools

As with all Cirrus Research sound level meter and doseBadge software, NoiseTools is supplied free from any licensing restrictions, and can be installed on as many PCs as is needed, without the need to purchase any additional licences!

There is also the ability for data to be shared between users if NoiseTools is being shared in a networked environment, making it easier for multiple people to view the same noise measurement data. 

Simple to use with powerful features

With NoiseTools, users are able to access overviews of their measurement data, add notes and allocate measurements to people, places and objects, play back VoiceTag audio notes and convert them to text automatically, annotate measurements, create measurement reports, analyse noise measurements and export data, graphs and audio, and more.

The software has the ability to detect the instrument type used to make measurements and display the appropriate measurement parameters accordingly. Users can also set up custom summary screens to suit any specific needs with this information reflected in the Quick Reports function.

For more advanced users of the software, each and every function measured by the instrument is available for review and analysis, and the data can be exported for further use and regulation compliance

Wherever a graph or table is shown, NoiseTools allows the information to be exported in a range of formats for use in other programs, such as Microsoft Excel.

Regular updates and easy installation

The software development team at Cirrus Research regularly update and improve NoiseTools, with all updates being available to download on the Cirrus Research website.

The latest release of the NoiseTools software (version 1.8.8) includes new features such as added support for the new Optimus+ GPS Module, the addition of Google map and GPS data to measurement reports, and automatic linking for places based on location data captured with the Optimus+ GPS module. 

Find out more about the NoiseTools software, and how it can change the way you report your noise measurement data by contacting Cirrus Research on sales@cirrusresearch.com or alternatively by calling 01723 891655.

For more information, visit www.cirrusresearch.com