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Entry-level sound meter from Cirrus Research

29 November 2018

NOISE MONITORING specialists Cirrus Research are strengthening their range of sound level meters with the CR:308/310, aimed at the entry-level market.

The CR:308/310 is a robust sound level meter ideal for basic noise information, capable of measuring the maximum sound level (LMax) and the sound pressure level (SPL).

It provides an entry-level option for noise measurement across multiple sectors and meets current international standards for noise measurement instrumentation.

Both variants offer uncomplicated, easy-to-understand data along with other acoustic information. The CR:308/310 can also measure different frequency weightings, which provides more detailed and accurate data than many other basic sound level meters on the market.

Other key features include:

  • Clear, backlit LCD display

  • Custom adjustable noise level threshold (308)

  • DC and AC out

  • Long battery life

  • The CR:310 model can also send results directly to a portable printer

The product usage list is just as long and aimed at anyone who needs a basic understanding of noise levels, including those who are involved in alarm installation and fire alarm testing, as well as those who need to undertake simple noise testing of machinery and factory noise, or produce noise ordinance surveys. They can also be used for basic noise at work assessments, but not to 2006 regulations.

The CR308/310 range measures noise between 30dB (A) and 130dB (A) and 40dB (C) to 130dB (C) and has a 24-hour battery life when fully charged. They can operate in temperatures from freezing up to a steamy +40°C with 90% humidity.

The CR:308 and CR:310 offer excellent value for no-nonsense sound level meters that are easy to use whilst still producing quality sound level readings for a multitude of purposes,” said Antony Towle, Cirrus Research Marketing Manager. “They give you the basic noise level data you need quickly and accurately, with no gimmicks or unnecessary add-ons.”