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New technology for latest lifting products

23 October 2019

Three new lifting products from Konecranes bring new technology in areas such as motor drives, rope, reeving systems, clutches and brakes to deliver safer, more durable equipment that delivers operational savings.

All new S- and M-series cranes are equipped with sensors and the capability to collect and send data. Every customer purchasing an S- or M-series crane will have access to the yourKONECRANES portal, which is a digital service for operators, technicians and management, allowing customers to take full advantage of their crane. Konecranes has a total of 20 patents, either awarded or pending, for the three new series of products.

These capabilities reflect Konecranes’ investment in the growing opportunities of data. The company has established a data science laboratory in Lyon, France, as part of its continuing drive to digitalise products, services, and operations. Konecranes has 21,500 connected cranes across the world and digital lifecycle records from over 1.1 million customer assets.

The new products feature improved component design and materials, in keeping with Konecranes’ goal of significantly reducing the environmental impact of products throughout their life span. A strong focus on component durability and predictive maintenance reflects the company’s commitment to helping customers achieve the highest lifecycle value of their equipment.

The S-series overhead crane has innovative features, including variable speed control for all movements and adaptive speed range, which adjusts the maximum lifting speed to the weight of the load for safer and more productive use, A new synthetic rope, with a special reeving arrangement is said to reduce wheel load impact by up to 45%. It also incorporates Konecranes’ smart features, such as ‘follow me’, ‘hook centre’ and ‘snag prevention’, which improve operational safety. The S-series also has access to the yourKONECRANES customer portal and value-added digital services, including Konecranes’ crane usage and operating data platform, TRUCONNECT.

The M-series crane represents a new dimension in heavy lifting, featuring Konecranes’ most compact and modular heavy-duty winch. With high-performing and reliable ‘core of lifting’ components and modular design, it can easily be configured to meet the needs of various production processes. A new approach to the winch’s component layout and machinery support system also eliminates alignment errors that may occur in traditional winches. Smart features and state-of-the-art user interfaces, including ‘remote operating station’ are available to increase productivity and maximise safety.

C-Series electric chain hoist
The new C-series is Konecranes’ most advanced electrical chain hoist to date. Built with robust, precise and reliable ‘core of lifting’ components, the hoist now features a redesigned motor cooling system, which offers up to 50% longer runtime versus the previous generation and a brake designed for over a million operations. Safety features such as operating limit switch and safety clutch have been enhanced for improved performance and reliability.