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Hybrid working is healthier, data reveals

30 March 2023

HYBRID WORKING is making it easier for people to take care of their health and wellbeing, data shows.

Despite fewer walks to and from work and lunch-time strolls, staying at home to work on a few days a week isn’t impacting our physical activity levels. Data, gathered by Banner, shows that Brits are maintaining their physical activity levels since before the COVID pandemic and the advent of hybrid working.

This could be thanks to hybrid working helping us cut down on non-productive work-related activities, such as commutes, affording employees more time to indulge in their health, fitness and wellbeing, while some are finding it easier to exercise during work hours. This conclusion is backed up by data showing home gym equipment in particular, such as under-desk treadmills, is trending.

Jason Thomas, strategic sales manager at Banner says, “We know some business owners still begrudge hybrid working, but it should be encouraged. Healthier employees are happier and more productive, which is absolutely critical not just for individual businesses but also the country as a whole, what with productivity being low and the threat of a recession looming.

“To encourage it further, make sure the office is as conducive to a healthy lifestyle as your employee’s home gyms. Consider replacing cakes and biscuits in the office with healthy snacks, work with a workplace supplier to create break-out areas with soft furnishings to help your employees recover from their workouts, and invest in standing desks.”

Health and wellbeing has been repeatedly linked scientifically to reduced absenteeism and improved work performance, productivity and employee wellbeing.

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