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HSM Podcast - Episode 12

21 October 2020

THE TWELTH episode of the Health & Safety Matters (HSM) podcast is now available and it features interviews with the Health and Safety Executive and Arco Professional Services.

In this episode, Mark talks to Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Principal Ergonomics Consultant Matthew Birtles on what steps employers need to take to protect homeworkers, which is particularly important in the wake of the current COVID-19 localised lockdowns

Mark also chats with Arco Professional Safety Services Techincal Director Ben Haughton about what industries are in danger of becoming more susceptible to workplace risks.

There's also the usual round up of key news stories, including IOSH urging the government to provide more funding for OSH and the HSE cracking down on construction sites that expose workers to harmful dusts.

You can listen to the HSM Podcast for free on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, YouTube or Podbean. To download the podcast on Spotify, Google Play or iTunes all you need to do is enter Health and Safety Matters into the platform's search box.

Alternatively you can listen to the podcast online at hsmpodcast.podbean.com or watch it on YouTube by clicking HERE