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Create compliant, safe and efficient workplaces

09 March 2022

MANAGING SAFETY risks to prevent workplace accidents from happening is both a humane and an economically sound strategy to protect or even improve company profitability.

Brady proposes a number of safety identification solutions to help reduce workplace risks for some of the most frequently occurring accident categories.

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Brady will help you to easily create a compliant, safer and more efficient workplace with durable pipe markers, safety signs, CLP-labels and area marking. Align with European Union Directives and national legislation, prevent accidents by communicating important safety information when and where co-workers need to see it, and identify areas in line with 5S and lean manufacturing for more efficiency.

  • Area marking: clearly identify areas so co-workers always know where they need to go, where they can find the tools they need and where to store them

  • Pipe marking: show pipe contents, flow directions, source and destination and identify which valve operates which pipe to increase the efficiency of maintenance teams

  • Safety signs: immediately show which protective gear is required so co-workers don't always need to go find the document that includes this information

  • CLP-labels: Easily identify the dangers associated with chemicals stored on the workfloor

Don’t wait for delivery of safety signage! Print it yourself on demand!

Support your Go for zero programme by immediately adding safety signs or warnings whenever risks emerge in your workplace. Use a professional printer and safety sign software to quickly create the right signs that clearly communicate any risk or danger to your co-workers.

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Whether you’re looking for GHS labels, arc flash labels, pipe markers or other workplace visuals, Brady provides a complete line of on-demand printing solutions that are designed to save you time. The company says that every part of its printing solutions are designed to keep you running more efficiently. Here’s how:

  • Faster printing: No need to send artwork to a vendor and wait up to seven days - create and print your label with your custom words, languages and logos when you need it.

  • Less waste: The only complete solution on the market that includes labels, printers and software with print smart technology that work together to get from start to print in 30 seconds without any resizing, recalibrating or waste.

  • Full facility applications: You get more than 300 material options that are designed to last in even the toughest environments and meet the highest quality and testing standards

Visit Brady's Stand: 4/N30 at Health and Safety Event 2022, Birmingham and take your opportunity to see various labelling solution in action, speak to our professionals and consult any of identification issues you face in your daily life or in upcoming projects.

If you want to learn more about our solutions now, we welcome you to download the free guidebook: ”Create a Visual Workplace”!

For more information, visit www.brady.co.uk