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Print lean & safety signs on-site. Download the 5S-Plus Guide!

09 May 2016

Brady’s complete sign & label printer range offers the potential to print every visual workplace sign on-site when needed.

Reduce workplace accidents and increase productivity with well placed visual workplace signage.

Increase productivity

Productivity increases of up to 40% have been connected to visual workplace implementations that follow the lean 5S methodology. 5S achieves productivity increases by reducing the workplace to its essence, through standardisation and by clearly communicating procedures, available tools and information in places where these have the most impact.

Reduce accidents

Brady has built on 5S, creating 5S PLUS to include more safety in the visual workplace. The reason for this is that safety signage can also increase productivity, by reducing accidents, production interruptions and the number of co-workers in sick leave.

On-site printing power

Brady’s complete range of on-site Sign & Label Printers is well equipped to help implement and support a 5S Plus workplace. Every printer meets a different set of customer requirements. They print in colour or monocolour, on various maximum label widths, with or without plotter to create any shape. Every printer in the range offers hassle-free printing, fast material changeovers and automatic label setup.

Able to create signs and labels on demand in a great number of shapes, colours and sizes, these printers enable you to create every lean and safety sign your facility needs to reduce accidents and increase productivity whenever the need arises!

Download the free 5S Plus Guide now!