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Changing knives can cut costs

15 August 2022

THE WORLD of fashion retail is fast-paced and speed is essential to productivity. When a major fashion retailer approached Martor, wanting to be sure that their workforce was kept safe while working at pace, the company arranged a risk assessment.

The good news was that the knife being used to open boxes of clothes was safe, but it wasn’t the right tool for the job.

The blade was too long. So clothes on the top layer of boxes were often getting nicked or slashed. The workforce weren’t at risk, but the cost to the business of damaged goods ran to thousands of pounds. 

Martor supplied a knife with a shorter blade length (down from 20mm to 12mm) that’s also fully retractable: The SECUPRO MERAK.

A much safer option overall, the SECUPRO MERAK is more sustainable too. It has 4 cutting corners, so each blade lasts twice as long, plus the knife blade has a longer life. So less waste and money saved.

And while keeping the workforce as safe as possible, this model also meant stock damage was drastically cut; saving the customer over £5K every week.

Martor's comprehensive site surveys will help you identify and eliminate any risk of knife-related contamination.

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