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Safer cutting by Martor

30 October 2014

Martor has been an innovator of safety knives since 1976 when it launched the semi auto retracting blade in the Profi knife.

Since then it has registered many patents, including the fully auto retracting blade system found in the Megasafe, the Maxisafe, the Martego, and others. Its objective has been, and still is, to help reduce cut injuries in the workplace. This is being achieved through safety functions designed as features in the knives, but also with the help of the unique training videos and ‘train the trainer’ programmes.

But it is not just knives that are used to cut, scissors often with very sharp cutting edges and pointed ends are very much a part of the cutting scene. Recognising this, Martor has recently launched three new pairs of safety scissors. The safety element to these is the fact they are specially honed in a way that ensures the blade edge is not sharp and furthermore the tips are rounded. Yet these safety features make absolutely no difference to the ability to cut paper, film, cloth, corrugated cartonboard and many other materials.