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Keep your hands covered this summer

29 June 2021

Summer’s coming! Time to get ready for hotter days, and Polyco Healthline says it has just the glove for the job. Capilex D enhanced with Kyorene, the graphene fibre that offers protection and comfort in rising temperatures.

The company says that graphene fibre Kyorene is the new “wonder material”. Along with having lightweight and amazing thermal properties, it is the strongest, thinnest, and one of the most flexible materials in the textile industry.

It will substantially change and enhance the properties of hand protection as it is known today.

Graphene is a nano-sized carbon material, dubbed ‘the most important and ground-breaking material on earth’. Due to its high density, Graphene is the strongest material ever measured in the world and possesses inherent properties previously thought unimaginable. It has outstanding thermal conductivity and great breaking tenacity.

Capilex D offers four key features:

  • Odour Neutralising (Kyorene balances the acidity of body sweat, which neutralises the odour associated)
  • Antibacterial (Kyorene has been tested against, Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 6538, Escherichia Coli ATCC 8739 & Candida Albicans ATCC 10231)
  • UV Protection (Kyorene has an overall UV-A & UV-B reduction rate of 99%)
  • Thermal Regulating (Kyorene has ‘far-infrared’ properties, that absorbs heat. When it is cold outside it uses this inherent benefit to keep hands warm)

All in one glove!

So let’s bring in the sunshine and do not worry, as Polyco Healthline has you covered.

For more information, visit www.polycohealthline.com - Quote HSM/Summer21