Training is key

31 January 2023

IMAGINE A work setting with all the latest and greatest safety showers and eyewash stations located within 10-15 seconds of a potential hazard.

While this scenario depicts a facility well equipped to handle an exposure crisis, the question still remains: Are your employees adequately trained to use the safety showers and eyewashes properly and successfully in the event of an emergency?

Repeated experience with operating safety showers and eyewash stations will help emergency response become second nature. All safety shower units should be visually inspected and activated weekly to flush the line and verify proper operation. 

Workplaces and workers are notoriously busy, and schedules are tight, but wouldn’t this weekly test and inspection be a good time to actively keep your workers educated and aware of equipment’s purpose and function?

Another training suggestion is using role-play techniques to help employees mentally and physically work through processes when faced with an emergency.

It is important to remember that your equipment cannot do the job on its own - it must be operated and trained by individuals. 

In short active training with your employees will: 

  • Reduce and stop worker injuries
  • Prevent complacency
  • Ensure ANSI compliance
  • Speed up emergency medical response