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Prioritising worker safety

03 April 2023

WHEN IT comes to the safety of workers out in the field, Aqua Safety says its emergency safety showers and eye wash stations will suit your needs

It isn't just about the end product. The company will recommend and advise you on the best safety shower solution to suit your requirement. As there is no one-fits-all approach. it has the flexibility to adapt or modify its units in its manufacturing facility in Great Britain.

Its range of emergency products and equipment offers protection against serious injury and are all built to exceed ANSI/EN safety standards.
A safety shower is imperative on site should you be working around harmful substances.

The TS1500 unit guarantees over 15 minutes of tepid water without the need for a mains water supply. It can be situated indoors or outdoors and in either hot or cold climates. Temperatures are maintained around 18-20°C when heaters (and chillers) are fitted. 

Some of the other benefits include:

  • Low running costs
  • Minimal operational spares and virtually maintenance free
  • Built from corrosion resistant materials
  • Ideal when working in extreme conditions
  • Ideal for the Oil, Gas, Chemical and Water Industries
  • Meets ANSI Z358.1-2014 specifications

Aqua Safety's goal is to create essential pieces of equipment that become the standard in every laboratory and facility that uses harmful substances.

Safety showers and eyewash stations should be located 10 seconds from a potential hazard and tepid water is a MUST. It’s no longer an option to douse your workforce in cold or hot water direct from the mains to wash off harmful contaminants. This can exacerbate injuries, even causing hypothermia or scalding due to the drench time needed to wash off chemical spills. AQUA Safety Showers provides reliable and complete tepid water decontamination solutions.

Are you properly prepared in case of an emergency?

Aqua Safety Showers can keep your workers safe with our wide range of products and units available. For a bespoke quotation, please get in touch with Aqua Safety.