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Cirrus Research makes some noise about UK's Noise Action Week

02 June 2018

Noise monitoring specialists Cirrus Research sponsored this year's national Noise Action Week running from May 21-26.

Noise Action Week is coordinated every year by Environmental Protection UK. The week sees events and campaigns launched across the country to raise awareness of the cost of noise to the health and well-being of communities and individuals.

Cirrus, with more than 30 years' experience in the noise monitoring and acoustic fields, was keen to support the push with so many of its clients affected and involved in the issues raised. 

As part of that awareness Cirrus is attending the Malton Food Festival promoting healthy attitudes to noise as well as taking outdoor noise measurements using its latest kits.

Said Cirrus Group Marketing Manager Tom Shelton: "Noise isn't just about being an annoyance or an inconvenience, studies have proven how it can affect people's health, life Optimus styles and even life expectancy.

"Noise Action Week is a great way to promote a serious issue in a variety of ways and Cirrus is proud to be sponsoring and working alongside Environment Protection UK."

Cirrus Research has its own specialised R&D department that, over the decades, has devised some of the market-leading noise monitoring devices available today. The ranges include the popular Optimus sound level meters; the 

Cirrus doseBadge5 personal dosimeters, as well as the Invictus Outdoor Environmental Noise Monitoring kits.

Tom added: "We recently ran an award-nominated industry campaign that stressed the importance of noise using the strapline "Noise Changes Lives" and we are committed to spreading that message both in the business and domestic markets, in the UK and internationally."