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Changes to ladder standards

14 March 2018

As part of a branch event programme, IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health) invited industry specialists TB Davies to present a work at height update on changing ladder and associated access equipment standards.

As part of TB Davies drive to create a nationwide community of individuals and organisations sharing their vision to make working at height as safe as standing on solid ground, the company provided a one hour presentation on the background to the standards and how the changes will effect users.

Speaker Chris Chivell has worked in the industry for over twenty years and sits on both PASMA and the Ladder Associations training committees. The presentation covered technical changes to specifications and provided advice on how to manage the transition along with appropriate training and potential changes to HSE guidance.

Chris Chivell commented, “The changes in design set a new minimum requirement we welcome but that doesn’t mean users need to rush and invest in new equipment. Our advice is to risk asses your work at height tasks, update your training requirements and inspect your current equipment. If your kit is up to the task and in good condition then you can continue to use them safely. ”

As standards are voluntary, in the UK we are likely to see a transition period where old stocks are exhausted and new designs become available. The Ladder Association has asked its members to ensure they are supplying product to the new standards by the end of 2018.