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Next generation fibreglass steps

01 November 2017

TB Davies Next generation fibreglass steps, developed to comply with the latest EN131-2:2010+A2:2017 standards, offer five sizes with Swingback and Platform variants.

The Next Generation fibreglass range is the first TB Davies product to feature our new Impact Brace to absorb shock, reduce damage and prolong the life of the step.

  • Made in Britain under an ISO (International Standards Organisation) audited quality system by BSI (British Standards Institution)
  • Synthetic rubber boots wrap-around to protect, and provide maximum ground surface area to reduce slip
  • Pultruded GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) profiles provide exceptional strength, toughness and durability
  • Non-conductive (thermally and electrically) and insulation tested to (EN61478) 30,000volts
  • The Next Generation Platform Steps have upgraded platforms to thick 5 Bar Tread Plate (A5B), also known as Aluminium Five Bar for additional strength
  • Both Swingback and Platform variants are equipped with an integrated tool tray fitted with multiple tool slots

Intrinsic Quality

The next generation range of Fibreglass Steps delivers improved quality through enhanced specification, innovative engineering and robust design. This includes TB Davies’s first product to feature our new Impact Brace to absorb shock, reduce damage and prolong the life of the step.

A stiffer body structure has been designed to meet the challenge of the new EN131 durability tests and the impact resistant top caps have plenty of space to store tools when working from the steps. These are just a few examples of the TB Davies team’s obsession with quality that customers will appreciate.

Bob Baldock General Manager at TB Davies commented, “We’ve paid a lot of attention to elements and features that customers notice without realising it, from opening and closing the step to stability when climbing.”

“Before finalising manufacturing we road tested the pre-production prototypes with several customers who used them in their day to day work. These ranged from building to electrical contractors and we used their feedback to make final improvements, including a stronger tread design before launching into full production.”

The next generation range of Fibreglass Steps from TB Davies are made in Britain. They are designed to deliver more grip, better performance and improved climbing feel, alongside improved quality and refinement. With every component optimised to enhance safety and comfort.
For more details, view the range of fibreglass Swingback steps and Platform steps.