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Customisable safety footwear

01 December 2017

Second generation safety footwear manufacturer Rock Fall has launched a new service to strengthen its offering to distributors and consumers.

The company, based in Derbyshire, now offers a variety of options for customisation. The main applications for the service are medically driven and aimed at wearers that suffer from issues such as plantar fasciitis, heel pain or spurs, bunions, calluses or any discomfort.

There are flexible options for people to access the service. Potential customers can visit their local podiatrist to be measured. Visits to business premises or sites can also be arranged.

Existing footwear can be adjusted to be more suitable for the wearer's feet. Adaptations include: heightened heel, widening of the upper, reducing or increasing the size, widening of the toe area and adjusting the fastening mechanism.

The wearer is able to have a bespoke insole created. This is done by the wearer having measurement of their feet taken and a mould created by using a foam impressions box, capturing the profile of the bottom of the foot perfectly. These will help to ease plantar fasciitis as well as other common foot problems.

Finally, fully bespoke made footwear. This involves the wearers feet and lower leg to be fully measured and then a bespoke last created by using the measurements, which is subsequently used to make the footwear. An EN ISO 20345:2011 SB rated boot or shoe style are available on launch.

Director Matthew Noon said: “We are growing well in a highly competitive market. We are delighted to have an increased order book in recent years, increasing turnover by 387% in the past five years. With this new service we feel we are changing the game again. By manufacturing styles from a size 2 all the way up to a size 16 we are building for the 95%. By offering a fully customised solution we are building for the remaining 5% and the medical applications are huge. We hope our distribution partners and the rest of the industry will support us in making these new services as widely available as possible.”