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Caribbean clean-up

13 November 2017

Following the two devastating hurricanes that tore through the Caribbean in September, wrecking thousands of homes in their path, Arco is supporting disaster charity Team Rubicon UK, with its biggest relief operation to date, by providing the team with a range of safety products free of charge. 

The charity has so far sent over 60 volunteers to islands across the region where residents are struggling to rebuild communities after the devastating storms in September. In order to assist with the clear up process Arco has donated a wide range of safety equipment including hard hats, boots, high vis, gloves, workwear and cleaning products worth over £10,000. These products will be distributed amongst the volunteers, made up of predominantly military veterans and emergency responders, to directly help those most affected by the hurricanes. 

Neil Jowsey, chief executive of Arco, said: “The whole world was shocked by the devastation caused by the two hurricanes in the Caribbean region and even more so of the images that emerged in the days that followed. It’s never easy to see homes torn apart and families separated, which is why we wanted to help in any way we could. We hope our products offer the volunteers additional support and allow them to help rebuild the islands’ communities.”

To find out more about Team Rubicon, including how to volunteer and donate, please visit: http://www.teamrubiconuk.org/