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Power assisted respirator

19 July 2017

Scott Safety has enhanced its Phantom Vision power assisted respirator to offer an improved user experience.

Delivering clean filtered air in accordance with the latest European best practice for asbestos removal, Phantom Vision is said to provide a virtually unrestricted field of view, simplified decontamination, cleaning and maintenance, and low through life costs.

Water exposure is an inherent risk in asbestos environments as water is used to damp down dust and fibres to reduce airborne concentrations and in the process of decontamination. Powered air respirators by nature need power, and as electronics and water don’t mix well, a water resistant product is needed. In addition to its potted motor to stop water ingress, Phantom Vision’s key electrical components are also coated with high quality metal, increasing the solution's robustness and further protecting the electronics. A further welcome enhancement is a waterproof switch at the mask for ease of operation.

The lightweight solution has been designed in extensive consultation with powered RPE users. It is available in three sizes to suit the widest range of users

Mark Andrews, product line manager at Scott Safety, said: “Asbestos removal work environments can be hazardous and harsh. Our aim is to develop solutions that prioritise the user’s safety and protection with systems that workers can rely on. The Phantom Vision is just that, a system that provides improved user experience, during the challenging process of asbestos removal."

Phantom Vision is described as providing greater comfort and ease of operation for users in applications requiring powered air respiratory protection EN12942 TM3 approval.