Stocking up success

31 May 2017

In a move designed to increase loading efficiency and operator safety, Costco, a cash and carry membership warehouse club, has commissioned the installation of a Thorworld Industries’ 12,000Kg Deluxe Type 6 Loading Ramp to improve processes at the company’s UK distribution depot in Crick, Northamptonshire.

With warehouse club operations in 10 countries, Costco Wholesale is a multi-billion-dollar global retailer and a recognised leader in its field. Efficient, safe loading practice is of vital importance to the company, and the assurance that equipment used by operatives meets all relevant regulations is key.

Costco’s most recent UK loading bay project has been overseen by renowned build and development company, J.F. Finnegan Ltd, and has involved the bespoke design and manufacture of a specialist Thorworld ramp, capable of facilitating safe transit for forklift vehicles and drivers.

Used to enable efficient access from the external yard level to the warehouse, and vice-versa, the ramp has been fitted with 1000mm high handrails for user support, a floor surface of treadplate decking with a Bimagrip antislip surface to prevent slips and skids, and a 10mm nose at the top of the walkway to provide a smooth transition for vehicles accessing and departing the dock.

The ramp has been fitted with support legs and is securely bolted to the premises’ concrete yard at both ends.

Costco commissioned J.F Finnegan Ltd as its development partner, and tasked the firm with sourcing an effective loading bay solution for its Crick warehouse.

Paul Ballantyne, commercial manager at J.F Finnegan Ltd, was involved in the Costco project, and was part of the team that oversaw Thorworld’s product selection, and subsequent ramp installation: “We apply the knowledge and expertise we’ve acquired from successfully delivering projects’ expectations for over 70 years; ensuring developments and tasks are completed on time, on budget, and to impeccable standards.

“Having researched and considered Thorworld’s designs and manufacturing quality, together with the company’s approach to assessing each client’s individual needs, we felt confident that this manufacturer could supply our customer with a loading bay solution that would prove effective, expertly built, and safe.

“Specialist Thorworld engineers designed an appropriate loading bay structure, and a fully-qualified team demonstrated full expertise in fitting the apparatus on site.

“Our client has been very pleased with the result and it’s been reported that the loading bay is performing well and improving efficiencies.”

Speaking for Thorworld Industries, technical director Ian Langan, said: “Improving loading bay apparatus can demonstrate an effective route to bettering logistical efficiencies.  At Thorworld we place the importance of safety on a level with the need for efficiency, and work to create a portfolio of loading ramps, platforms and accessories that each meet required safety legislation.

“We’ve valued the opportunity to work with J.F. Finnegan Ltd on this recent Costco project, and are gratified to learn that the apparatus supplied and installed under their recommendation has been so well received.”

For further information about Thorworld Industries and its range of products visit or call 01246 260 981.