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Chloros invites Thorworld Industries to ramp up capabilities at new state-of-the-art facility

23 March 2020

As part of a recent expansion, Chloros has installed Thorworld Industries’ loading equipment.

Chloros, which was established in 2009, is run by a highly professional team that uses technical and industry knowledge to deliver the best possible experience to customers whilst operating in a compliant and environmentally sustainable manner. The company has a proven reputation in supplying hazardous waste disposal, removal and recycling services, and successfully fulfils waste treatments; the secure destruction of hazardous goods; and safe European and Continental exports of materials for professional recovery.

As part of its continuous development and growth, the firm has recently relocated its waste transfer station to larger 43,000 square foot premises in Hartlebury, Worcestershire - creating new jobs, the capacity to transfer up to 100 tonnes of waste per day, and the opportunity to fulfil a corporate objective of becoming the best facility of its type in the UK.

The move has required meticulous planning and extensive infrastructure to ensure that the relocation premises are compliant. Chloros’ new facility has been designed inside and out to be the most modern and safety conforming of its type in the country.

Part of the building overhaul has involved the purpose design of a bespoke loading dock area to safely accommodate waste for onward transportation or warehouse storage, as the company’s Project Director, Andrew Sawers explains:

“As part of the move, we wanted to create a specialist, highly compliant loading area from which we could increase throughput to help our business grow yet further. However, as many of the materials we handle have flammable properties, bringing loading equipment on board with hydraulic or electrical configurations wasn’t an option.

“After finding Thorworld online and arranging an onsite survey, we were able to discuss the opportunity to have custom-made loading equipment designed precisely for our operation.

“With electronics and the option to have a dock leveller out of the equation, we needed a ramp with sufficient length as well as strength to support the safe and effective movement of waste, both in and out of transport containers. Thorworld dealer, Warren Craig from Loading Bay Service knew of a solution that would work, and suggested the installation of a 6,000Kg capacity, 4.5 metre Thorworld ramp, alongside a supporting platform and dockboard.”

Complete with access steps, hinged safety barrier, handrails, curbs and Bimagrip Antislip coating, the longer ramp Warren proposed would safely enable forklift access to and from containers without the need for electric or hydraulic mechanisms. The docking area supported the need to heighten efficiency and increase throughput, and the overall design meant that despite the absence of electrical systems, the apparatus consumed the least amount of space possible.

“We’re a conscientious company, regulated by the Environment Agency and with the drive to push our business’s sustainability. We operate to exacting standards and expect the equipment that supports us to do the same.

“The refurbishment of our new Hartlebury site has been challenging but highly successful, with Thorworld’s ramp design and installation playing its part,” Andrew adds.

“We are delighted with the success of the relocation project, which we feel is already helping to support our continued growth and play a vital role in the local and national infrastructure surrounding waste management.”