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Is your loading bay "Christmas ready"?

30 November 2016

The festive season will soon be upon us and with it the busiest time of the year for the loading bay and its operatives. 

So while there is a little time to spare before the workload really starts to increase, Thorworld is advising businesses to assess their warehouse loading facilities now to ensure optimum functionality, efficiency and safety.

“This is one of the most important times of the year to ensure that your loading bay is fully ‘in order’ and ready for the increased activity and harsher weather conditions that the coming months may bring,” advises John Meale, MD of Thorworld Industries.

“Enhancing operational efficiency during the autumn months can really make a difference when increased seasonal activity begins; as being ‘loading bay ready’ can prevent setbacks further down the line, such as delivery back-ups, supply bottlenecks, and the risk of accident caused by unsafe or inappropriate equipment.”

John stresses the safety factor even further and highlights the value of investing in effective, yet simple and inexpensive safety aids, such as signage and traffic lights, or restraint products such as alignment curbs or dock bumpers.  “A single accident is all it takes to create a devastating impact on any firm with loading and unloading capabilities, both in terms of any harm caused to members of staff and business efficiency.

Fitting seals or shelters over external loading bay facilities can also protect employees from the winter elements, a measure that can reduce time taken off by staff due to sickness, as well as helping to maintain a consistent temperature within the warehouse - both of which will reduce financial waste and increase efficiency.