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Comprehensive lock out kits

30 May 2017

Martindale Electric will be exhibiting its new extended range of comprehensive lock out kits and associated test equipment at this year’s Safety and Health Expo.

The new kits starting with the LOKKITBASE and extending to the LOKITPRO have been tailored to the needs of installers and maintenance teams working in different environments, from domestic electricians through to commercial and industrial maintenance teams. They enable circuits to be locked off once de-energised, ensuring a safe maintenance schedule and compliance with the Electricity at Work Regulations.

The new LOKKITBASE and LOKKIT2PLUS kits both include standard miniature circuit breaker (MCB) locking off devices and the miniature LOK10 and LOK11 for when access is limited and there is not enough space for a conventional lock. The kits include a PAD10R padlock with a key plus a marker pen and tags to ensure immediate and clear identification of circuits, work areas and personnel. For added safety, each lock is supplied with just one key, to ensure a circuit cannot be inadvertently unlocked by another user. 

The new LOKKITPRO features the full range of locking off devices available from Martindale and is suitable for contractors and maintenance teams working on industrial and commercial sites. The safe isolation kit provides a locking off solution for all sites and applications from mcbs with integrated test buttons through old style fuse holders, to switchgear requiring a cable lock approach. 

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