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Ergonomics key to truck choice

13 April 2017

Steel manufacturer the Hadley Group, has saved 30% in fuel costs after upgrading its fleet of counterbalance trucks. The company took delivery of 16 new environmentally friendly and economic Linde trucks, after reviewing their current fleet. 

Trucks are required to load and unload product and feed the manufacturing lines carrying a maximum load weight of three to four tonnes – requiring a mix of H30 and H40 engine counterbalance trucks.

The business already had a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) power station on site and while it was open to review all fuel options available, the company decided to operate Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powered trucks. 

The team of truck operators were involved in the decision making process, which included trialling each supplier’s trucks for two weeks. The key influences in choosing Linde over the other suppliers included the ergonomics of the truck, the hydrostatic transmission and the massive 30% fuel savings since introducing the Linde fleet.

David Smith, an operator with 25 years’ experience at the Hadley Group, said: “I have used a range of trucks in my time, and Linde trucks are by far the best I have ever worked with. 

“You can see the time and effort that has been put in the design of the truck with accessibility of the controls, the ease of the steering wheel, which takes the pressure off the wrist, and the increased visibility through the mast.”