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Die lifting and turning

01 March 2017

Packline Materials Handling designed the die block lifting and turning attachment in response to an enquiry made by a customer who had been trying to solve a potentially dangerous lifting issue.

The operator currently pulls a 60kg die out of a pie machine by hand. The dies are moulds designed to push the shape of the pie lids into the pastry. They are changed as the product changes, depending on size of pie lids.

It is currently a two-man job to slide the ‘lidder’ mould from the production machine and carry over to a storage trolley. This trolley holds several dies in racks. There is a bending issue for lower levels, and a risk lifting to higher levels of the trolley.

The die lifting and turning attachment can lift multiple size lid moulding die blocks to and from the storage trolley to the pie making machine. The die blocks can rotate through 360 degrees, load and unload at a wide range of heights and they are secured in supporting arms by a pair of latch pins. These features provide swift and easy docking with safe and reliable transportation and loading/unloading.

The lifting attachment’s gearbox rotation allows the operator to turn the die upside down for cleaning. This procedure could otherwise be a major handling issue.