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“Anyone can sell Safety but you wouldn’t buy Safety from anyone”

02 February 2017

The BSIF is dedicated to eliminating non-compliant, unsafe, counterfeit and illegal safety products from the UK market and provide a quality assurance scheme for the purchase of genuine PPE that will help to keep people safe and healthy at work.

The number of non - compliant, illegal and poorly performing safety products offered for sale in the UK market is significant and all organisations and individuals sourcing PPE and related equipment need assurance that the markings, documentation and claims for the performance of the product are genuine.

The BSIF Registered Safety Supplier Scheme provides assurance to PPE customers and users that only compliant and correctly performing products are supplied.

The users of safety products need to be able to trust their PPE and deserve to be supplied by capable responsible businesses. BSIF undertakes to promote the benefits of the scheme actively throughout the UK market in its messages, in literature, sales activities, public relations, advertising, mailings, member support activities, external events and other appropriate promotional opportunities.

A Registered Safety Supplier Scheme member...

  • Formally declares and commits to selling only Certified PPE that performs to claims made
  • Submits their product to random independent scheme testing
  • Commits to having their customer facing staff educated and accredited in the Safe Supply Course
  • Maintains a company Quality Policy
  • As a Federation member trades honestly and ethically

Who benefits ...

  • The purchasers and end users of PPE – with product that performs – sourced from capable suppliers
  • Registered Safety Supplier Scheme members – as they become the suppliers of choice in the market
  • The Market - becomes a level playing field as unscrupulous suppliers are de-selected and unfair competition is removed.