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BSIF strengthens RSSS Scheme in bid to combat non-compliant & non-performing PPE

26 October 2016

With more widespread evidence of safety products failing than ever before, the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) bolsters its Registered Safety Suppliers Scheme (RSSS) to combat all non-compliant, non-conforming PPE.

Recent market surveillance has revealed an issue with safety product quality. Through 2015 and 2016 this has included failings in toe cap compression tests, as well as quality issues with leather gloves, safety hard hats and high vis clothing. In late 2015, Poundworld received a £63,000 fine for selling high vis clothing that did not meet required standards.

The BSIF is determined to eradicate non-performing, non-compliant PPE from the UK market and give users the standard of product they should expect. Its Registered Safety Supplier Scheme offers buyers of safety equipment assurance that they are buying products from a trusted source. Distributors and manufacturers that are part of the scheme  have made a binding declaration that the safety equipment they offer meets the appropriate standards, fully complies with PPE regulations and is appropriately CE marked. All BSIF Registered Safety Suppliers supplying or marketing PPE will be required to submit products for random independent performance testing to ensure they comply with current requirements.  From July 2017 all BSIF members who market PPE will be required to participate in the scheme.

To extend the Federation’s commitment to ensuring its members can provide expert guidance and advice, the Safe Supply Accreditation training programme has also been developed. This scheme has been created for customer facing individuals working within the UK health and safety industry, further strengthening the deep commitment to meeting the needs of their customers.

Commenting on the decision to strengthen  RSSS, Alan Murray BSIF CEO (pictured) said: “Ultimately, the purchasers and end users of PPE deserve quality product from from capable suppliers. Registered Safety Supplier Scheme paves the way as the industry standard that must be adhered to, ensuring the safety of workers.”

To find out more about the BSIF visit www.bsif.co.uk, follow on Twitter @BSIF1 or download the iOS App, available to download now from the App store free of charge.