BSIF at HSM Live

18 October 2023

BSIF are delighted to be an event partner of the inaugural HSM Live Scotland event taking place on 16 November at the EICC in Edinburgh.

THE OPPORTUNITY for BSIF to meet with member companies and the Scottish industry as a whole is something special and long over due! Scotlands' first HSM Live event promises to be a hugely successful day and visitors to the event should expect informative seminar sessions, fantastic networking opportunities and innovative and quality product displays from the exhibitors many of whom will be displaying the BSIF Registered Safety Supplier (RSS) Shield. 

Registered Suppliers commit to independent auditing of their products and procedures to ensure they are compliant with the regulations and only offer end users PPE & Safety Products that are up to standard and do the job they claim to do. The easiest way to source safety is to specify a Registered Safety Supplier. For a full list of scheme participants please visit

1. CHECK your supplier is BSIF Registered. BSIF audited suppliers are compliant, competent and trustworthy.
2. SELECT appropriate, certified and approved products. Registered Safety Suppliers can support the product selection process through their competence, capability and knowledge.
3. PROTECT your people, your most precious asset, and help your business to thrive.

BSIF will have our own stand as part of the exhibition and we are keen to meet with all of the show visitors, we’ll be displaying examples of products identified as non-compliant and some shocking examples of products being sold in the UK that under testing have failed against their claims in some alarming ways. There will be the opportunity to pick up BSIF guidance on how to identify non compliant and non conforming product in the form of our PPE selection checklist, our team will be on hand to explain how to use the free tool to reduce the risk of purchasing PPE/Safety products.

As an event partner BSIF have also been given the opportunity to deliver seminars to the attendees, these will focus on highlighting the dangers when sourcing PPE and safety products and also an update on the regulations including the changes to product marking and certification.

By attending these seminars the audience will gain an understanding of the simple ways they can protect themselves and their colleagues to make sure the products they are using are fit for purpose. Keeping up with the regulations and knowing what to look for when identifying product is not always as easy as it should be but the BSIF team will aim to provide tips and guidance to make it an easier to grasp process.

As so many of our members are either based in Scotland or will be attending the HSM Live event we thought it was a perfect opportunity to extend our visit to Edinburgh and so we have arranged a BSIF Networking Dinner taking place on the 15 November at the Skybar which has stunning views of Edinburgh and the iconic Castle. The evening will bring together BSIF members and exhibitors and provide a great chance to socialise with industry colleagues.

The evening will begin with a drinks reception hosted by BSIF and our partners at HSM Live before moving into the dinner where guests will be fed, watered and entertained! Tickets for the dinner are available now and can be purchased by contacting BSIF at

We are looking forward to the opportunity to meet with members and visitors to both events and we are delighted to have been given the opportunity to by HSM to participate in what we are sure will become Scotlands premium Health & Safety event and reinforcing the message Health & Safety Matters.

For more information, visit